Whether dry or oily, your skin is dehydrated and feels tight after you take your shower or after cleansing your face with tap water. Sometimes looking dull, the skin may also present fine lines and deep wrinkles due to dehydratation. Several factors can be blamed : the environment, hormonal issues and most likely, the use of unsuited skin care products.
Opt for a cream that will hydrate your epidermis lastingly, a soothing mask and why not an eye contour.
The HYDRA N°1 collection is perfectly suited to your needs, as it is rich in hydrating agents (Imperata cylindrica, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, olive phytosqualane) and in vitamins (A, C et E).
Did you know that oily skins too can suffer from dehydration ? If this is the case select the light weight texture of HYDRA N°1 Fluide.