Intensive, immediate and sustainable hydration for dehydrated skins

Yon-Ka researchers have created an exclusive hydrating complex that can be found in the HYDRA N°1 serum, cream and fluid, and that allows to act upon the hydration of the skin at all levels.

  • Olive phytosqualanes and aloe vera strengthen the skin’s barrier.
  • Imperata cylindrica regulates the water transfers from the epidermis to the dermis, 2 types of hyaluronic acid (high and low molecular weight) help the skin maintain its water capital.
  • Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E protect the molecules that retain water.

A well hydrated skin is supple, soft and comfortable, and also plumped and glowing. The hydration of the skin is the 1st anti-aging step, no matter what your skin type may be. Since combinations or oily skins may also show signs of dehydration, in addition to a cream for dry skins, we have complemented our hydration program with a specific hydrating fluid designed for skins prone to oiliness and/or for women who prefer a lighter texture.

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This serum is a smooth and thirst-quenching gel quickly absorbed by the skin allowing it to regain its water stock. The hyaluronic acid duo of low and high molecular weight and the silicon with their restructuring and redensifying qualities, complement the highly hydrating power of the exclusive Yon-Ka compound. According to your skin type, it may be combined with the HYDRA N°1 CREAM or FLUID to help promote immediate and sustainable hydration for more than 8 hours.

HYDRA N°1 cream hydrates, nourishes and repairs dry and very dehydrated skins. Protected and well hydrated, the complexion is glowing. The skin is plumped, smoothed and visibly looks younger. This cream combines the benefits of the anti-aging hydrating complex of Yon-Ka with hazelnut and grape seeds oils (rich in fatty acids essentials to the skin), with shea butter, extremely nourishing and repairing to the skin.

This is the EMERGENCY CARE for dry and dehydrated skins. This gel texture mask is rich in hydrating and repairing agents (imperata cylindrica, aloe vera, vegetal glycerin, jojoba) and in regenerating actives (vitamin A, silicon), soothing vitamin B5 and antioxidant vitamins C and E. These molecules bring together their qualities to provide the skin with immediate comfort and help alleviate the sensation of tightness, even on the most sensitive skins. When your skin does not feel comfortable you may choose to use the HYDRA N°1 Mask as a night care. In this case, you will apply the mask in a thin layer in the evening before going to sleep.





HYDRA N°1 SERUM is a creamy and quenching gel that nourishes very dry and dehydrated skins thanks to actives such as imperata cylindrica, aloe vera and vegetal glycerin. According to your skin type you may use it with CREME HYDRA N°1 or HYDRA N°1 FLUIDE for immediate and prolonged hydration :
– With HYDRA N°1 Crème, the skin hydration (measured by corneometry) is increased signifantly increased with an average of 114 % after 1 hour and 102 % 8 hours after application (a).
– With HYDRA N°1 (fluide),the skin hydration (measured by corneometry) is increased signifantly increased with an average of 122 % after 1 hour and 76 % 8 hours after application (b).
Quickly absorbed, this gel allows the skin to replenish its inner moisture.
Restructuring and redensifying hyaluronic acid and silicon are combined with vitamins A, C and E for their antioxidant and smoothing properties.



This cream quenches, nourishes and repairs very dehydrated dry skins and protects them against external factors. Well protected and hydrated, the complexion is radiant, the skin is plumped, smoothed and looks visibly younger.

The HYDRA N°1 CRÈME plus:
• Smoothes fines dehydration finelines and leaves the skin feeling more supple
• Repairing action of the grape seeds oil rich in essential fatty acids, hazelnut, shea butter,
• Preventive action of the hyaluronic acid on the signs of ageing,
• Smoothing and antioxidant actions of vitamins A, C and E,
• Soothing effect of vitamin B5 on the skin, and relaxing effect of the combination of the essential oils of rose, chamomile, jasmine and the Yon-Ka Quintessence.



HYDRA N°1 MASQUE is the best ally of dry or dehydrated skins or skins submitted to external factors such as the sun, wind and cold. This gel is enriched in hydrating actives : imperata cylindrica, aloe vera, and vegetal glycerin combined with anti-dehydration and repairing actives like jojoba and olive phytosqualanes. Vitamine A and silicon bring their smoothing and restucturing properties, vitamin B5 and vitamins C and E complete the action of the hydrating agents. These molecules combine their strength to bring the skin immediate comfort and avoid the feeling of tightness, even on the most sensitive skins.



ALPHA-CONTOUR brings actives fundamental to the youthfulness of the face ‘s most expressive areas such as the eyes and lips contours.
With a high precision dosage of fruit acids combined with mimosa, it rejuvenates the epidermis while activating its cellular renewal and bringing hydration and freshness.
ALPHA-CONTOUR may be associated with other cares specific to the eyes and lips areas:
• Reduce visibly the puffiness and dark cricles with cream PHYTO-CONTOUR
• Create a cocoon of softness with cream NUTRI-CONTOUR rich in hazelnut oil.